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Synaptic Health is a multidisciplinary health clinic dedicated to providing an integrative, evidence-based approach to health care.

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An integrated approach to health care

At Synaptic Health, we offer a wide variety of health care services for patients seeking assistance with cognitive dysfunction, as well as other conditions, including psychology and counselling, chiropractic and biochemistry services, clinical nutrition and individualised neurotherapy in Perth. Our various tools for assessment, such as QEEG, may help to improve the lifestyle of patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions including (but not limited to) anxiety, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, dysautonomia, sleeping problems and brain injuries.

The in depth information we receive by employing cutting edge brain scanning technology such as QEEG (also known as quantitative electroencephalogram), allows us to better understand how your brain and body may respond to certain situations and provides us with the insight we need to formulate a personalised therapy program for you. To learn more about neurotherapy, neuroplasticity, biofeedback or neurofeedback in Perth, please click here.

Personalised Programs & Neurotherapy in Perth

Research has found that the brain’s neuroplasticity and manifestation of a condition can vary greatly across patients. It’s for this reason our dynamic team work closely with internal and external practitioners, including medical doctors, to provide a comprehensive health care service for you. We’ll employ necessary research, analysis and techniques including biofeedback, to structure an individualised program for your condition.

Because our clinic encompasses a wide range of health care professionals, it is not necessary to have a specific diagnosis prior to visiting. Furthermore, a referral is not needed to see any of our practitioners unless you are seeking our services as part of an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan. In addition, our services are covered by most private health insurance companies depending on your choice of cover. If you’d like to learn more, or have further questions regarding your health, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

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We help in the following areas:

We help in the following areas: