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Synaptic Health is a multidisciplinary health clinic which is dedicated to providing an integrative approach to health care. Our team of health care professionals work closely together as well as with external practitioners to provide an all-encompassing service for our patients.

The varied methods of assessment, diagnosis and treatment provided at Synaptic Health may help improve the lifestyle of patients with the following conditions; anxiety and panic disorders, attention and learning difficulties, autism, behavioural dysfunction, balance problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, developmental delay and dyspraxia, dizziness and vertigo, dysautonomia, fatigue/ lethargy, fibromyalgia, headaches/ migraines, insomnia and sleeping problems, memory problems, migraines, neuro-rehabilitation after brain injury and stroke, spinal pain syndromes, sciatica, tinnitus, vertigo and other problems.

Although some patients may have a specific diagnosis, it may be a significantly different manifestation of the condition between one patient and another. This means that you are unique and generalised information may not apply to you. Our team is here to help so please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about whether our services are right for you.

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