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Biochemistry in Perth

  • Patients who are undergoing care with one of our Chiropractors will have access to consultations with Dr Tabrizian
  • He will provide advice and recommendations to assist with the recovery, healing and rehabilitation program initiated by the Chiropractor.

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Find out how we can help

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As every person’s needs are different, there is no one size fits all approach. By assessing your unique metabolic status with tools such as Hair Mineral Analysis, blood tests, and other functional testing, we are able to provide targeted interventions, specific to your needs.


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There are two broad categories of support:

Providing an infrastructure to the target tissues for repair and neuroplasticity.

For example, the mineral zinc is required for digestion of proteins into amino acids. Amino acids are required for neurotransmitter production; repair of muscle and ligaments and for deleting old neural networks.

Assisting in the bypass, removal or minimisation of impediments of healing

For example, imbalance of gut bacteria may cause higher levels of D-Lactic acid (which impairs liver, brain and muscle function). A change in gut flora (by diet or probiotics) will assist in improving function of those tissues.

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Inflammation: The Disease We All Have

Inflammation is the universal disease: everyone has it. Dr Tabrizian explains (with his well recognised storyboard format) a generic model of why we get sick.

The factors affecting the process of chronic disease and chronic inflammation including Autoimmune diseases are laid out in a logical visual chapters. It also has a self help page to get readers on the path to understanding their genetic predisposition and lifestyle risk factors for the chronic diseases.

This is a landmark work that explains why disease becomes chronic in everyone.

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