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Chronic Fatigue Treatment Perth  

  • Chronic fatigue is a complex illness affecting the nervous system.
  • Extreme tiredness can limit your everyday functioning and abilities.
  • Learn how neurotherapy might assist with your condition and contact us!

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Chronic Fatigue in Perth

Chronic fatigue is a complex illness affecting the nervous system which can result in ‘extreme tiredness’ and can change the way we think, feel and behave on a daily basis.


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What is Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), is a neurological illness characterized by extreme exhaustion and persistent tiredness, even after adequate rest. It can affect people of all ages including children and cannot be explained by a primary underlying cause.

This debilitating disorder primarily affects the nervous system, inflicting pain on the muscles and causing inflammation around the brain and spinal cord. As a result, CFS commonly leads to symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue or extreme tiredness
  • Problems with thinking including loss of memory or concentration, vision, clumsiness, muscle twitching or tingling
  • Problems with sleeping
  • Unexplained muscle pain
  • Pain that moves from one joint to another without swelling or redness
  • Flu-like symptoms including a sore throat and enlarged lymph nodes
  • Headaches of a new type, pattern or severity


Chronic Fatigue Treatment in Perth

Unfortunately, there are no definitive causes associated with chronic fatigue syndrome which has made developing a cure and formulating preventative action difficult. Despite this, research has found links between ME/CFS and problems with; the body’s ability to produce and transport energy; the immune, neurological and hormonal systems; viral and other infections; digestion; blood pressure, the circulatory and cardiac systems; and biochemical abnormalities. As chronic fatigue is a complex disorder, diagnosis usually follows a process of elimination. It’s essential to ensure that all other possible illnesses are excluded before considering any type of chronic fatigue treatment in Perth. We recommend seeking professional advice as early as possible or as soon as symptoms become noticeable.



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Can Neurotherapy Help Me?

Neurotherapy may help to improve the lifestyle of those who suffer from chronic fatigue in Perth. Researchers have found evidence which supports the idea that neurotherapy may be able to help with sleeping problems, headaches and other limitations with cognitive functioning, all of which are key aspects of chronic fatigue.

Neurotherapy involves training the brain to be aware of brainwaves and movement in order to alter an aspect of the nervous system. As chronic fatigue syndrome primarily affects the functioning of the nervous system, neurotherapy or ‘neurofeedback’ may help to alleviate some of these symptoms and assist with long term symptom management. Although chronic fatigue treatment in Perth is limited, our experienced and dedicated team at Synaptic Health are here to help and want to assist you as much as possible with your symptoms.


Move On with Your Life

Chronic fatigue is a serious illness which can affect the way we function in everyday situations. If you’re experiencing symptoms associated with chronic fatigue or extreme tiredness, you may want to consider neurotherapy. For more information about neurotherapy or to arrange an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us today!