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Supporting your family through life

  • Supporting families through daily tasks and negotiating the environment.
  • Clinic, home and school-based sessions available for individuals or groups.
  • Funding available through NDIS, Better Start, Helping Children with Autism, Medicare and Private health insurance.

Find out how we can help

Find out how we can help

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists offer practical, everyday strategies and identify underpinning fundamental skills to develop that may be affecting performance, so children can participate in daily activities such as school, play, building friendships, self-care.

We offer a holistic approach to supporting children and families, considering all areas impacting performance including sensory needs, motor skills (such as planning and positioning), cognitive skills, the child’s environment (physical environment and the people within it), regulation, confidence and physical skills.


How can an Occupational Therapist help?

  • Break down and analysis of activities, looking for the child’s strengths and areas for development to identify strategies to support, and skills to develop.
  • Education with parents, children and teachers around relevant theories and strategies to support.
  • Identifying strategies to support a child which can be modelled and practised in sessions to support them to integrate them into everyday life.
  • Supporting individuals and families to develop their skills and capacity to negotiate everyday life.
  • Building confidence and self-esteem through being able to complete tasks and activities that were once challenging.


Goal areas may include:

  • Social
    • Making and keeping friends
    • Reading social cues
    • Playing with others
  • School or work
    • Maintaining attention
    • Following instructions
    • Handwriting
  • Self-care
    • Dressing
    • Sleep
    • Toileting
    • Managing emotions

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What funding is available?

  • Private health insurance
    • Check with your private health insurance fund provider to find out if you are eligible for Occupational Therapy rebates.
  • Medicare
  • Government funding
    • NDIS
    • Helping Children with Autism and Better Start Funding

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