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QEEG in Perth

  • Innovation meets practice - Emerging techniques to measure brain function
  • Non-invasive technology to monitor brain changes
  • Comprehensive Assessment to ensure that QEEG is appropriate for you

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QEEG in Perth

What is a Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG)?

QEEG in Perth. This is a type of brain scan that measures the electrical brain activity (brainwaves) and compares that to the activity generated by the average person, using a normative database. QEEG can identify dysfunctional areas of the brain, also known as brain dysregulation.

Information obtained from a QEEG scan provides insight into the underlying brain functioning. In addition to the clinical interview and physical examination, this serves as a useful guide for therapy and enables an individualised approach to your care.

QEEG is not the same as a medical EEG, which is usually interpreted by your neurologist. Specifically, QEEG is not a diagnostic tool, it will not tell you if you have or do not have a condition. It is simply used to enhance our understanding of your brain activity and connectivity. Providing a window into an aspect of your health which is not observed through physical examination or clinical interview.

Below we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about QEEG.

What is the experience like?

QEEG is a non-invasive procedure. It involves putting an electro-cap on your head while you sit in a regular chair. There are no big machines or noisy equipment. The electro-cap looks like a mesh swimming cap with holes in it. Those holes are filled with saline gel which helps to transfer the signal from your brain to the cap, and then to the machine/ computer.

Is there any radiation involved?

The QEEG is a measure of your brain activity, it is not ‘giving or taking’ anything from your brain. It is similar to measuring your temperature, where the body emits a signal that the thermometer is calibrated to read. In this case, the QEEG is reading the electrical signals from your brain and it does not emit ionising radiation (e.g., x-ray).

Is it a long procedure?

Your appointment will usually be approximately 45 minutes long. This includes taking the time to familiarise you with the process and set up the equipment. The length of time required to obtain a good signal varies from person to person.

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